The Art of Sharpening Cutting Scissors!

There is currently a desperate need for qualified scissors sharpeners.

Sharpening scissors and other cutting tools is a centuries old profession. While there have been significant changes in the equipment used, this industry still needs qualified people using the latest equipment to provide a much needed service to all the various professionals that use scissors as a tool of their trade.

The Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System is focused on the Barber and Beauty industry. This week of intensive training covers three areas:
c Scissors Knowledge - How scissors are made, what material is used, what impact the type of steel has on how the scissor blades function and what cutting application is best for each style.
c Scissors Sharpening - Hands on practice where you will learn how to return the scissor blade to its factory new cutting condition. Time is spent on styling shears and texturizing scissors (thinning scissors) both right and left handed.
c Scissors Sales - Selling hair cutting scissors is a large part of your potential income. This skill is addressed with demonstrations of how the different types of hair cutting scissors work to aid the professional stylist, whose goal is giving a quality cut with the least amount of time and effort.

Each trainee receives personalized attention in each training module. A rigorous test is given at the end of the week. Those who pass (we will work with you until you do) receive a certificate for display to the stylists.

There are other training courses and videos available for learning how to sharpen with the grinder. Please make sure you get adequate training for the sharpening industry niche you choose for your new career. If you have questions about any of the training programs, please call 303-217-8660 and ask for our technical support division.

You can learn what kind of equipment and training is needed for six different fields within the pages of this website.

The Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System.

Scissors Types

Different style scissors require different types of equipment.

Using the wrong equipment to sharpen scissors can damage or even ruin the scissors. Part of learning how to sharpen cutting scissors is understanding how the scissors are made and what kind of cutting angle was put on the scissors at the factory.

Selling Scissors and Shears

Professional Scissors Sharpeners are a Natural for Selling Scissors.
Professional sharpeners can add a significant amount to their annual income by selling quality scissors and shears.

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